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Sushi Table doubles as a Coffee Table

My live-edge walnut and bloodwood sushi table will be one of two of my pieces featured in the Western Design Conference in Jackson Wyoming. The conference takes place September 3 through 6th. Open to the public September 4th – 6th. Please come visit us at the conference!

I made this piece with the idea in mind that it could be used for Japanese-style dining (sitting on floor pillows) for four. The table includes 4 hand-carved sushi plates with chopsticks + chopstick rests as well as floor pillows and a jade-green ceramic sake set. The plates, chopsticks and rests are made by me.

Sushi Table above, © 2008 by timcarney.

or … a “Green Tea Table:”

Thank you to anziAprico for the use of your photo


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  1. anzyaprico says:

    oh, nice idea..
    it shows very simple life style.
    your wooden works are so beautiful and cozy.
    you made not only the table but also the plates, chopsticks and rests! what a fantastic work!
    and i’m glad you to find my photo and to use it in your blog. we can image we use your sushi table for nice tea time too.

    i’m craft woker too. jewelry is very small work though… so, i love craft works very much.:)
    thanks, anzyaprico

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