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I was born in Butte, Montana in 1947. I live in Helena, Montana with my wife, Maureen. Between us we have five kids.
I have over 25 years experience woodworking, residential cabinetry and fine furniture making.
In 1968 I graduated from St. Thomas Seminary in Kenmore, WA with a degree in philosophy. I also earned a degree in Fine Arts from ISU in Pocatello, ID. After working for Union Pacific Railroad for 9 years, my dream of making a living working with wood came to fruition. I opened my shop, Timothy’s Fine Woodworking in 1982. I have been making hand-crafted furniture and cabinets ever since.
I am self-taught and have had a life-long interest in art, wood and the ways of expressing the spirit that moves in all things.
Early on I was influenced by Tage Frid and more recently have been inspired by Sam Maloof.
As an independent furniture and cabinet maker, I have the ability to really listen to my customers and pay attention to detail, beauty, quality and form in my work.

Working with wood—especially live edge slabs—is a process. For me it is a process of letting the wood speak to me when I first see it, interacting with it all through the construction, and still listening and delighting when it reveals itself completely during the finishing.