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Some of my furniture is one-of-kind—this is especially true of live edge pieces. These are often inspired by the wood itself and are not reproducible. And sometimes a reproducible piece becomes one-of-kind because of the especially beautiful wood used (eg. River’s Bend Rocker).The prices for these pieces are set accordingly.

Other pieces are reproducible (dining chairs, stools, beds). Pricing for these can still vary depending on the wood used, its price at the time, and any custom details that may be desired.

If the piece is available, the price is shown. If the piece is not currently avaiable, the price is there to show the range of what it would cost.

I also design completely new pieces for customers and this is done on an individual basis.

Contact Tim to Place an Order


I will crate and ship pieces if necessary. I will need your zip code in order to give an accurate quote on this service.

Please call (406) 461-8621 or send me an email to place an order.