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Mesquite Partners Desk by Lou Quallenberg

WDC Final Day

Lou and Cheryl Quallenberg are right next to us at the Western Design Conference. Lou made stools to sit on — they go with his exquisite mesquite table, but I think the stools are hidden under various bottoms (mine and Tim’s included) more often then they are on his pedestal in plain view.  Boy — is it ever hard to stand for 7 hours at a time! I am personally grateful to Lou and to Les & Tauni Powers for sharing their seating.

Mesquite Partners Desk by Lou Quallenberg
Mesquite Partners Desk by Lou Quallenberg

Lou’s mesquite furniture is absolutely gorgeous. We saw it for the first time at last year’s conference. He supports the twisted, highly figured Texas mesquite table and bench tops, with sinuous trestles and legs. The overall effect is something I would classify as Contemporary Organic, like Tim’s furniture.

Either Tim’s or Lou’s furniture would fit beautifully in a contemporary city loft or a Rocky Mountain lodge-style home. Their pieces easily compliment modern or traditional decor and furniture of steel, chrome, antler or leather.

Check out Lou’s website and gorgeous gallery created by his wife Cheryl. She’s as much behind his creative momentum as Lou is himself.

— more later on the conference as we head home tonight… Maureen