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New Friends from the Western Design Conference

We met Lou and Cheryl Quallenberg at the Western Design Conference and immediately hit it off with both of them. Personally I like this photo I shot of Lou better than the pics he has on his website. (heh — tongue planted firmly in cheek — heh.) Lou really does have a fun sense of humor: enough anyway, to match Tim’s.

Lou creates exquisite tables, benches and desks from large slabs of mesquite that might otherwise be doomed to the barbecue pits of Texas.

Cheryl is an artist and graphic designer in her own right, creating colorful impressionist watercolours and promoting Lou’s woodworking with her clean, elegant graphic design.

I only got a hint of the many excellent stories these two have to share … I hope we see them at next year’s WDC — even better, maybe they’ll show up in Helena for a relaxed visit.
(lou-and-cheryl: hint, hint) — Maureen

p.s. check out Lou’s furniture at Lou Quallenberg Studios