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Mango & Mahogany Bedroom Set

This custom designed master bedroom set includes a mahogany and mango bed with curving headboard, a curved footboard that also functions as a seat, two bedside tables and a mahogany mirror above the owner’s black dresser.

The graceful Asian inspired lines of African Mahogany frame highly figured Curly Mango panels. The footboard curves out forming a seat that reflects the curves of the headboard and mirror. The overall feeling of the furniture contributes to a peaceful and restful bedroom atmosphere.

There is a bookshelf neatly tucked in the most convenient place — right up near the top of the bed. Isn’t this where books and papers tend to collect anyway? Why not make an intentional place to keep your bedtime reading?

The mahogany mirror matches the bed, reflected here.

A curved footboard also functions as a seat.